2015 Evaluation Practice Exchange (EPE) -About Page


The United Nations Evaluation Group's Evaluation Practice Exchange (EPE) has taken place every year since 2007 alongside the group's Annual General Meeting. Previously a day and a half event, the 2015 EPE will take place over three days and run from March 11 to March 13, 2015. It will be held in New York and hosted by UNICEF at UNICEF House.

As 2015 is the Year of Evaluation, we aim to have an EPE event that takes opportunity of this, as well as an event that brings an element of flexibility, creativity and innovation to further enhance the learning and exchange of experiences among UNEG members.

The EPE is an important opportunity for UNEG members to come to together to share experience, knowledge and expertise related to evaluation approaches and methodologies. Its purpose is to a) facilitate learning and exchange of experiences amongst UNEG members, b) improve the credibility and utility of UN evaluations and c) contribute to the advancement of the evaluation function in the UN system.

As the 2015 EPE will be hosted by UNICEF, UNICEF staff will be responsible for overall leadership and coordination. They will be guided by the Management Group which will be composed of volunteers from other UNEG member agencies. The Management Group will be responsible for determining the EPE's content, including its focus, themes and priorities, key deliverables as well as providing guidance on logistics, including communication, facilitation and organization.

Based on best practice from previous years, the EPE will take a "decentralized approach" to the planning and delivery of the EPE sessions. This means that UNEG agencies will select topics for sessions they are most interested in and take the lead in planning and managing the sessions. This approach is intended to bring an element of flexibility, creativity, and different organizational perspectives to the sessions, while reducing the administrative burden on the Management Group.

This year the Management Group will try new strategies to host a more dynamic and inclusive EPE. This might include engaging a facilitator, using new techniques for managing sessions, inviting speakers from outside UNEG or webcasting the event. There will be opportunities to explore new approaches to evaluation such as using digital technology, data visualizations, infographics and new themes such as evaluation of innovation.

Event Details

Lead Organization


  • Evaluation Practice Exchange Seminar


  • Global / Global

Start Date

  • 11 Mar 2015

End Date

  • 13 Mar 2015

Contact Person

  • Serwah Asante
  • serwah.asante@undp.org