Frequently Asked Questions for UNDAF Evaluations

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These Frequently Asked Questions for UNDAF Evaluations were published in September 2011. They were prepared by the UNEG Joint Evaluation TF in collaboration with UNDOCO. The objective of these FAQ's is to provide answers to questions regarding various aspects of UNDAF evaluations.


The FAQ is divided in to three sections:

  1. General Questions (including reasons to conduct an UNDAF evaluation, the relationship between an UNDAF evaluation and other types of review, integrating UNDAF evaluations within the broader framework of a government-led evaluation)

  2. Planning and Managing the UNDAF Evaluation (including detailing the phases, recommended management structure, funding mechanisms, drafting the ToR, selecting the evaluation team, conducting a stakeholder analysis, and measures to ensure quality).

  3. Using UNDAF Evaluations (including the key users of the evaluation, process for preparing a management response, and disseminating the report). 

The UNEG Joint Evaluation TF 2011/2012 are working on further guidance as follow up to these FAQs which should be presented to UNEG Heads for approval at the UNEG Annual General Meeting 2012. 

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