Mapping & Review of Evaluation Ethics

Mapping and Review of Evaluation Ethics - Final Report - July 2019.pdf (2041 KB / English)


This report was prepared by the UNEG Task Force on Ethics and Code of Conduct and approved for publication at the UNEG AGM 2019. It summarizes the findings of research designed to inform the revision of the UNEG Ethics Guidelines and Code of Conduct. It aims to consider and reflect on: state-of-the-art practices within organisations undertaking evaluations; the practical application and usefulness of the current 2008 UNEG guidelines for its diverse membership base; and the relationship of these guidelines to the more contemporary UNEG Norms and Standards.

The report was written by Gabrielle Berman, independent consultant, with overall guidance from Gabrielle Duffy, WFP, and Tina Tordjman-Nebe, UNICEF (co- conveners), Simon Bettighofer, ITC, and Deqa Ibrahim Musa/Arild Hauge, UNDP (Task Force members). The UNEG Task Force on Ethics and Code of Conduct is grateful to all those who participated in the surveys, focus groups and key informant interviews, and who gave their time to share their unique insights and perspectives.

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