Report of the Second Professional Peer Review of the GEF Evaluation Function

Report of the Second Professional Peer Review of the GEF Evaluation Function.pdf (1158 KB / English)


The Panel was impressed by what the IEO has achieved. The current Director has succeeded in establishing and protecting a strong and independent GEF evaluation office thereby performing the accountability function very well. The IEO has produced a large number of evaluation products assessing a wide range of GEF activities, thereby meeting the accountability requirements and expanding the knowledge of GEF focal areas. The IEO has demonstrated leadership and innovation in the evaluation community and has contributed to the development of new evaluation methods. The Panel also identified a number of areas that may require attention in order to harvest the full potential of the evaluation function. The Panel found that the IEO efforts to ensure the accountability function of evaluation were more successful than efforts to ensure the learning dimension. As such, the Panel agrees with the IEO self-assessment prepared for this Review, which identified learning as the challenge for the future.

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