Peer Review of the Evaluation Function of UNEP

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The review was conducted by a panel of three members of UN and bilateral evaluation units supported by a senior expert and assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the UNEP evaluation function. In agreement with UNEP, the panel explicitly chose a light version of the peer review modality, which did not include field visits. The panel based its work on the UNEG-DAC Framework for Peer Reviews and on the Norms and Standards for Evaluation in the UN System. Systematic references are made in the report to the UNEG Norms and to what extent they were adhered to by UNEP. The report concludes that the UNEP evaluation function is, generally, following the UNEG Norms and Standards. The evaluation function is independent, well established and evaluation has been growing in importance through the reform process initiated in 2006 and with the increased focus on managing for results. The panel also conveys a number of recommendations aiming at strengthening the independence of the evaluation function and the use of its reports.

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  • Aug 2012


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