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Ms. Aurélie Larmoyer is an evaluation expert in international development. She has 20 years of experience in delivering aid programmes and leading strategic evaluations, mainly within United Nations agencies.

She started her career as an aid worker in 1999, coordinating humanitarian and development programmes in Southeast Asian and African countries. Since 2004, she joined the United Nations to conduct programme evaluations, serving in the World Food Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome, Italy, and in the International Atomic Energy Agency, in Vienna, Austria.

Ms. Larmoyer’s work in evaluation has ranged from an operational to a country and global focus. In 2019, she led the high profile evaluation of FAO’s Strategic Framework, at a turning point shaped by both a new Director General and the UN Reform. Ms. Larmoyer gives particular importance to building credibility and tailoring evaluations to context and stakeholders’ needs, for which she relies on proactive communication and engagement, as ways to increase the chances that the evaluation may lead to changes. She also promotes the strengthening national evaluation capacity development. In 2018, she led the creation of the EvalForward, a Community of Practice promoting evaluation related to food security issues, which has over 600 members.

Ms. Larmoyer is also honorary lecturer at a Rome-based university, teaching Masters’ students about evaluation as a programme management instrument of International Organizations.

She holds a Master’s degree in International Development and Cooperation and MA in Political Sciences, Economics and Law. Since 2004, she has been an active member of the work of the United Nations Evaluation Group work and has continuously engaged in various voluntary organizations for professional evaluation. 

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