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Masahiro Igarashi

Director, Office of Evaluation
World Health Organization (WHO)
and UNEG Chair (2019-2021)

Duty Station Geneva

UNEG Member Since 2002

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Dr Masahiro Igarashi is an evaluation expert with more than 25 years of experience in development evaluation, economic analysis, organizational reform and policy development, and result-based management. He is currently serving as the Director of the Office of Evaluation in FAO, and has led the reform process of FAOâ??s evaluation function to enhance the quality of its evaluations and their utility to stakeholders. He also led the drafting of the 2016 UNEG Norms and Standards. Prior to this, as Evaluation Advisor at UNDP, he led a number of evaluations and the development of a programme evaluation methodology. Serving as the UNEG Executive Coordinator, he led the UNEG transformation that introduced the medium-term strategic planning, the budget system to finance the planâ??s activities, and the vice-chair system to ensure the accountability for the work on strategic objectives. He led the drafting of the UNEG Strategy 2014-2019 and the 2015 UNEG Principles of Working Together. Prior to this, he was Programme Management Officer and Economic Affairs Officer at UNCTAD, where he coordinated the organizationâ??s work programme, led the development of results-based management system, and conducted economic analyses. He was a founding member of UNEG, having actively participated in the drafting of the 2005 UNEG Norms and Standards and the 2007 Principles of Working Together, and worked in the number of taskforces. He hosted two UNEG AGMs in Geneva and coordinated the preparation of UNEG AGM in New York. He holds a doctorate degree in economics from the University of Queenâ??s in Canada and a masterâ??s degree in socio-economic planning from the University of Tsukuba in Japan.

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